Personal Loan

Closed-End Unsecured Loan

A Closed-End Unsecured Loan is typically used for consolidation of debt, home/car repairs or smaller home appliance purchases, i.e., washer/dryers, dishwashers, mowers. It is a one-time advance loan set at a fixed interest rate and repayment term.

Share Draft Line of Credit

This is an all-purpose loan that can also serve as a back-up overdraft protection on your checking account for a minimal fee. It is a fixed interested rate LOC where the rate will not increase while the plan is open. It is good for a three year draw period with a three-year payback term.

Share Secured Loan

A Share Secured Loan is a loan which uses the shares in your account as security for the loan.  The loan must be 100% secured to receive the rate of 2% over the current dividend rate being paid on the shares used to secure the loan.

Share Certificate Secured Loan

A Share Certificate Secured Loan is a loan which is 100% secured by a share certificate with First Class Community Credit Union.  The loan must be 100% secured to receive the rate of 2% over the share certificate rate being paid on the share certificate used to secure the loan.  The term of a Share Certificate Loan may not exceed the months remaining until maturity of the certificate.


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