Virtual Annual Meeting

Please join us virtually for the 95th Annual Meeting of YOUR credit union being broadcast by Zoom Webinar on Thursday, October 22nd, starting at 5:00 pm with an estimated completion time of 5:20 pm.  A printed copy of the Annual Meeting Brochure is available for pick-up via the drive-up at both of the credit union branches, or you can download a digital copy for review.

Register NOW!

  • First, click the following link to REGISTER
  • Second, enter your full name and the email address where you would like your unique Zoom Webinar link to be sent.
  • Finally, click “Register” and you will then receive a Registration Confirmation Email.  You can also use the “Add to Calendar” button to save the details and your unique link for the annual meeting to your calendar.


 Registration Confirmation Email 

  • Please be sure to SAVE the Registration Confirmation Email because it contains your unique sign-in link.
  • If you misplace your unique “Click here to join” link, please watch for it in your reminder email which will be sent on October 21st.


Join Virtually – Using a Computer

  • Retrieve the Registration Confirmation Email and click the “Click Here to Join” link.
  • If you have Zoom installed, you click  “Open Zoom Meeting” and then click “Launch Meeting.”
  • If you DO NOT have Zoom installed, you can choose one of these options:
      • Download & Run Zoom – This option allows you to download and then run Zoom.
      • Join from your browser – This option allows you to run Zoom from any browser without downloading.

Join Virtually – Using a Smartphone or Tablet

  • You MUST download the Zoom App.  Don’t worry you can delete the App after the meeting.
  • Retrieve the Registration Confirmation Email and click the “Click Here to Join” link.
  • Launch the meeting and follow the prompts.

NOTE: It’s very important that you DO NOT use the iPhone one-tap or Telephone dial-in features to join the annual meeting. To join the meeting, please use your unique “Click here to join” link contained in the confirmation or reminder email. Thank you!