Tips to Reduce or Avoid Fees


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Enroll in online banking

By registering for online banking you can check your account balance & transactions anytime, anywhere. Having your balance easily accessible allows you to always be in the know. Within online banking you can transfer funds as needed between your First Class accounts instantaneously.


Establish text and email alerts

Text & email alerts can be customized and adjusted as needed to fit your needs. Alerts can be established for low balances,

transactions over a set threshold, etc.


Register for mobile banking

Within mobile banking you can also check your account balances, transfer instantaneously within your First Class accounts, and remotely deposit checks within the app.


Contact us

Transfer funds with a member service representative for a lower fee than our auto overdraft or utilize our 24/7 audio response to transfer funds and review transactions.




Reoccurring Payment Options

Internal FCCCU transfer payment

Set up reoccurring internal transfers from your First Class Community Credit Union Account with our online form, via online banking or in person at a branch.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment

Set up reoccurring transfers from another financial institution to make your loan payments on time each month with no hassle.

Payment Portal

Utilize our payment portal to make a payment anytime from an external source whether that be with a card or your account with another financial institution. This payment option offers a lower fee than calling in your payment information to the credit union and can be completed at your convenience.



Return Statement

Update your address via online banking, email, phone, online forms, or in branch. By updating your address YOUR credit union can keep in touch with important account information easily.



By conducting a transaction on your accounts periodically you can avoid an inactivity assessment. To satisfy this activity requirement you may deposit, withdraw or transfer funds within your account. Please visit our fee schedule for details on the specific activity requirements depending on your balance.

ATM Fees

Use a First Class Community Credit Union ATM or locate an ATM within our preferred network to avoid fees on up to 7 withdrawals per month