Keep your valuables and important documents safe in a lockbox at First Class Community Credit Union. We have lockboxes available at both branches in a variety of sizes with low annual rental fees. You may access your lockbox during normal branch hours.

Lockbox Size Lockbox Annual Cost
3″ x 5″ $22.00*
3″x 10″ $37.00*
5” x 10” $52.00*
10” x 10” $77.00*
Lost Key Charge – 1 Key $25.00
Lost Key Charge – Both Keys (2 keys) Over $350.00

*If your annual lockbox fee is paid by automatic payment you will receive a $2 discount.


We recommend you consider keeping the following items in a lockbox:

  • Copy of Will (Don’t put the original Will in a lockbox)
  • Inventory of Household Possession
  • Abstract / Deed
  • Car Titles
  • Original Marriage License
  • Original Birth Certificates
  • Passport
  • Stocks & Bond Certificates
  • US Savings Bonds
  • Valuable Jewelry (you rarely wear)
  • Valuable Coin Sets

Estate Planning Tip:  Review annually who has access to your lockbox if you become incapacitated or pass away.